The breeding, production, sales and distribution of the Toscana® pelargoniums is done by two partners: Florensis B.V. and P. v.d. Haak Handelskwekerij.

Florensis has been providing professional growers with excellent plant propagation material and solutions since 1941. The company’s extensive line of plants propagated from both seed and cuttings responds closely to growers’ preferences and consists of summer-flowering annuals, Viola, Primula, biennial and perennial crops and pot plants such as Cyclamen. Through their network of partners, Florensis also supplies market-leading starting material on the market for the production of such crops as Pelargonium, Gerbera and Primula. In addition to young plants, Florensis also supplies seed and unrooted cuttings. Moreover they have developed own breeding of different plants, of which Pelargonium.
The company’s locations in Kenya, Ethiopia and Portugal make a major contribution to the production of unrooted cuttings (URC). Large-scaled contract production is also conducted in Israel and Spain.

Florensis sales of young plants focuses mainly on the European market with own sales offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany; a joint venture in Great Britain; and agents in Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Scandinavia.

Florensis Cut Flowers B.V., located in Rijsenhout (NL), specialises in raising young plants from seed for cut flower production. With their main crops Lisianthus and Matthiola they are market leader in this segment.

P. v.d. Haak Handelskwekerij  
P. v.d. Haak is a family business that has been specializing in the production of Pelargonium young plants for many years. The specialisation in Pelargonium enables them to deliver year round young plant material at various stages of growth. This explains their slogan “Pelargonium from cutting to plant!”.
Toscana Breeding is the top in geranium breeding. Through the cooperation with the breeding they can present a constant broad, up to date and improved variety range.