Pelargonium zonale: Green leaved - Dark leaved

Toscana® Zonale Green Leaved
The strongest plants with the most vibrant colours are sure to steal all the attention at retail and grower level. Plants with uniformity and good branching make the series well suited for high volume programs in early spring. This is a multi-use series, suitable for different pot sizes from 10.5 cm to containers. There is a wide spectrum of colours available.

Toscana® Zonale Dark Leaved
The most uniform and free flowering dark foliage zonal series on the market. After years of intensive breeding and selection we can offer a wide range of colours with the most perfect plant habits from medium to compact. The unique bicolour flowers put Toscana series in the spotlight of the pelargonium market. In combination with the perfect plant habit they are easy to produce and sell. Ideal for 10.5-12 cm pots and dense production.

Pelargoniumzonale ENG

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Toscana® Peltatum
Toscana peltatums are easy to control with a medium compact habit, and they hold their shape from the greenhouse to the garden. They are specially selected for early flowering and excellent uniformity, and they show large showy flowers above the plant canopy. Suitable for pots and hanging baskets. A Florensis exclusive.


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Toscana® Villetta
The market is experiencing an increase in the demand for this single flowered peltatum with its stunning large flowers and vibrant colours. The long well-branched shoots give an effective trailing display. The varieties are well-known for excellent garden performance under all weather conditions, and make a terrific impact for baskets and window boxes.


Ville de Dresden (Décor) starts flowering earlier than Ville de Dresden (Pendresd). Growth is more compact.

Other variety
Mexikanerin also is a well-known variety with a long tradition, attracting customers with its double coloured flowers.