• The assortment for your production!
  • The assortment for your production!
  • The assortment for your production!
  • The assortment for your production!


Toscana® - The assortment for your production!
If you’re looking for compact varieties for a pot-tight and intensive production, or if you need abundant flowering and vigorous plants for final sale, then the clear structure of our Pelargonium assortment is the key to your production success.

“X – Extras”: Varieties for extra strong plants with a high requirement for growth regulators
“M – Medium”: Medium growing varieties with a moderate requirement for growth regulators
“C – Compact”: Varieties with compact growth and a low requirement for growth regulators
Whether it is unrooted cuttings, “Kenyan sprinters” or young plants; start with Toscana® varieties for a successful season!

Toscana® - A fresh breeze through the Pelargonium range
We provide you with an easy selection of growth types, but you may have a more difficult choice when selecting from our varied range of colours! The Toscana® cultivation is known for the bright, vivid colours and unusual colour combinations. Included are the varieties with the impressive ‘eyes’ and the unique ‘two tone’ peltatums, both of which make our range so popular. Besides first class flowers we also lay great emphasis on healthy, attractive foliage with a nice zone, and especially the contrasting dark leaved varieties ensure a lasting impression in the market. Re-discover the geranium – a profit for trade, producers and consumers!

Toscana® - Cultivating with passion
We are pleased to present you with the Toscana® Series; the result of long and intensive cultivation work. Of course we will continue to further develop the existing assortment with undiminished passion. Your success is a priority for us and we strive for our highest goals in optimal quality breeding and throughout production.


Toscana, Trendy and Sunny
A top plant needs a special pot that strengthens the Toscana recognition to your clients and the consumer and gives added value. But also the story is important. The available Toscana grower’s pot not only gives a nice appealing shop presentation, it also contains a QR code for consumers with a link to the Toscana website.
For information on marketing materials please contact Florensis or your supplier.


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